Light for Life

Eseo Brand Identity

eseo_intro_animatie"Light for Life” is the lively and powerful brand promise that reflects the essence of Eseo. It is all about joy, emotion and that extra touch of flair needed to exceed mediocrity.

When the word “home” comes to mind, we all spontaneously think of a warm and welcoming place, a personal space with its own character and soul. It is clear: a home brings harmony into our lives, but what would it be without lighting?

To accomplish this harmony, the Eseo collection presents a rich and stylish assortment of fashionable and contemporary lighting products. The use of warm, textured materials feels welcoming and familiar. Shapes derived from cultures around the world add a touch of drama to compose your own style. Emphasized by glowing light effects and creative illumination, it will turn your home into an inspiring and personal place.

Eseo embraces you with a sense of belonging and feel good.


It’s time for you to go green!

Over the last few years, environment (climate change) and energy efficiency (scarcity, compatibility) have been important topics on the political agenda. This has resulted in changes to current and forthcoming legislation on energy efficiency, which has had a big impact on lighting in general.
One of the most important pieces of legislation on energy efficiency is the EuP Directive...

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